Welp, here we go. My very first legit website (the stupid little Tripod websites I made as a teenager don’t count). Hopefully this all goes well. You’ll find all of my episodes of Evil Steve At The Movies archived here, even the ones that have been blocked or pulled down from Youtube. So, by all means, catch up on some episodes that you missed, check out some of the other videos that I’ve made that you might not have known about, and enjoy your stay here at my humble little web spot.


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  1. Welcome to WordPress.com Gallooga Joe Productions (Evil Steve), if you ever need some help and/or advice feel free to ask and maybe I can help, and I recommend adding a link to this website/blog on the other services that you use as well (YouTube, social media, Gravatar, here, et cetera) so that more people will know about this website/blog.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr


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