Contributing Artists


A friend of mine from back in the day who ended up being an amazing fucking artist, and did the Evil Steve artwork that you see in the current intro (the shadowy figure in front of a hellish background). She created this image based off of a concept I gave her with oil paints. She also created a painting for me from a concept that I gave her that is being turned into a full sleeve tattoo on my left arm. She has an incredible and unique style to her work, which is surreal, dark, and beautiful. You can see more of her work and buy prints and even some originals from her etsy page, which you can find on her website which is linked below.



I discovered Jaed’s art some time last year, and I immediately fell in love the second I saw it. She made something for me that you’ll see on Evil Steve At The Movies in the near future, but for now take a gander at some of the other work she’s done, buy something from her shop, or even commission your very own unique work of art from her. It’s seriously amazing how skilled she is. Check out her website, which is linked below.




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