Evil Steve At The Movies Season 3

Episode 28: Burning Moon

Original Air Date: 3/15/2014

Well, this was the first episode that I had to subtitle myself. A Serbian Film was subtitled, but the file that I used already had the subtitles hardcoded into it, so I didn’t have to add any of my own. With The Burning Moon, when I ripped the DVD to my computer it had no subtitles. The software that I used at the time did not have an option to rip subtitles along with the video file, so I had to subtitle the entire movie manually. Since I didn’t know which scenes I would be using in the review I had to subtitle everything just in case. I honestly don’t remember how long it took, but it was an incredibly tedious process. I would open the actual DVD in my Media Player and turn the subtitles on. Then, in my Editing software, I would open the unsubbed video file. From there I would pause the DVD at every instance of dialogue, and then move to that exact point in the video file and add a text box where I would write in the line I saw subtitled on the media player. Then I would ensure that the text that I typed was also the exact length of the amount of time that the current subtitle stayed on the screen in the DVD that I was watching in the media player. And then I would repeat this process for every single line of dialogue that appeared subtitled on the DVD, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, until I was finally finished. 

On another note, this was the first time that Evil Steve interacted with his “dark protector”, after finally having enough of Thing 1’s abuse. My friend and I, while we filmed that segment, were also completely smashed at the time. This fact is pretty apparent if you watch the outtakes video.


Episode 29: Stitches

Original Air Date: 4/21/2014

I really love this movie, but I can’t say so much about my review. I think this was by far the weakest episode of the season. I was at another low point when I made this, and it really shows.


Episode 30: Dear God No!

Original Air Date: 5/19/2014


Episode 31: Grotesque

Original Air Date: 6/27/2014

Even though this was another movie that I needed to subtitle by hand, I had some fun making this one. I like a lot of the jokes, even though looking back some of them fall flat, and also I had some fun with special effects, mainly speaking of Thing 2 getting shot in the head by Evil Steve. It was a pain in the ass to edit properly, but for my very first head shot effect, I think it came out okay. I first filmed myself in the costume of Thing 2 falling back against the DVD shelf, and then, keeping the camera in the exact same place, poured some fake blood into an airzooka (those things that you shoot air at people with that you used to find at Spencer’s Gifts) and shot it against the shelf. Then in editing I composited the two shots together, which was harder than I thought it would be. And of course, I had to clean up fake blood off of a shit ton of my DVDs.


Episode 32: Aftermath

Original Air Date: 7/26/2014

I wish I could tell you what gave me the idea for the Summer Of Rotting Genitalia. I also wish I could tell you why I thought that the word “Genitalia” was spelled with an additional ‘e’ for the first few episodes as well. But this was fun to do, especially making a new into.


Episode 33: Love Me Deadly

Original Air Date: 8/8/2014


Episode 34: Deadgirl

Original Air Date: 8/23/2014


Episode 35: Nekromantik

Original Air Date: 9/5/2014

The Film Threat magazine that Evil Steve is seen reading in the beginning of the episode is actually the same magazine that I first saw the ad for the Nekromantik movies in when I was 7 or 8. I hold onto a lot of old shit.


 Episode 36: Nekromantik 2

Original Air Date: 9/22/2014

My very first video project ever makes its appearance in this episode. When Evil Steve leaves to give the audience time to think about whether or not they want to see the ending of Nekromantik 2 spoiled for them a video is shown to give people time to decide. The story of that weird little video is, I had a digital camera with a pretty good quality video function (especially for the time: this was 2007), and had just bought some editing software for the fuck of it, not really sure of what I wanted to do with it yet. I was hanging out with my friend Serena at a mutual friend’s house one day and for whatever reason we came up with the idea of a couple who were about to have sex, but then end up beating the shit out of each other. Alcohol was involved in this, surprise. So, having our friend film it, Serena and I improvised the ridiculous fight scene that you saw.


Episode 37: Ginger Snaps 2

Original Air Date: 11/14/2014


Episode 38: Feed

Original Air Date: 12/14/2014

This is probably my favorite episode of the season. I think that all around it was the most well put together, and had the most consistently on point jokes. Also, I thought the season had a pretty nice little cliffhanger.

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