Evil Steve At The Movies Season 4

Episode 39: Human Centipede

Original Air Date: 2/1/2015

I feel it was this episode where I really hit my stride and nailed the tone of my humor and the format of episodes to come. Sure, there would still be some jokes that missed their mark in the future episodes, but from here on I think is where their quality became a little more consistent. I also had a much clearer idea of where I wanted to go with the ongoing story in the sketch portions of the show.


Episode 40: See No Evil 2

Original Air Date: 2/22/2015


Episode 41: Snuff 102

Original Air Date: 3/14/2015


Episode 42: Kindergarten Cop

Original Air Date: 4/1/2015

I had the idea of doing an April Fool’s episode on Kindergarten Cop for quite a while. Just like many other films I reviewed, the idea came from coming up with one joke for it that I thought would be really funny, and going from there. BOOM, April Fool’s episode, the perfect excuse to review it. The first couple weeks that the episode was up on You Tube I had the name and screen cap of the episode hidden so that anyone clicking to watch Episode 42 of Evil Steve At The Movies had no idea what movie it was going to be.


Episode 43: The Bunny Game

Original Air Date: 4/22/2015

The skit early on in the episode featured my friends Amber and Brenda pretending to watch a screening of The Bunny Game alongside me, playing an irate theater patron. I told them I was going to get up and storm out of the room at one point. What I didn’t tell them was that I was also going to scream “I fucking hate blowjobs!” and throw my popcorn container. Amber (my blonde friend) trying not to laugh, and Brenda jumping in her seat slightly were their genuine reactions to that.


Episode 44: Human Centipede II

Original Air Date: 5/13/2015


Episode 45: Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Original Air Date: 6/3/2015

This was the first episode that I discovered that I could render my video files in a wide screen format. Boy did I feel stupid after finally discovering that after 3 years. This episode also had 2 segments that I full on cut from the episode, one of which features Thing 1 butt fucking Thing 2 while Evil Steve watches and masturbates, and another where Evil Steve  shows an uncut clip of Angela dancing nude in the strip club which then cuts to a shot of Thing 2 covered in his own cum, having exploded all over himself after masturbating to the strip club scenes. These were cut for obvious reasons, and I hope to put up an uncut version of it one day.


Episode 46: ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

Original Air Date: 6/24/2015


Episode 47: Slow Torture Puke Chamber

Original Air Date: 7/15/2015

An interesting thing about this episode, is that myself and Diamanda Hagan both used the 1812 Overture in our reviews for this film. It’s used at different points, but still…shit’s fuckin’ eerie. Also this is where a little more context is shown for Thing 1 and Thing 2, where we see that they also invade Steve’s nightmares and torment him there, as well as when he is awake.


Episode 48: Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

Original Air Date: 8/11/2015


Episode 49: Inside

Original Air Date: 9/20/2015

Right here was an episode that I wanted to do after coming up with one really funny joke for a movie. And in this case, it wasn’t even a joke that I made during the actual movie, but the end credits of the episode, when I play “All That She Wants” by Ace Of Base over clips of the Woman. And it’s a joke that I still genuinely get a kick out of. Also, this was where I said “fuck subtitling” and just ripped the English dubbed audio track with the movie. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Episode 50: Cannibal Holocaust

Original Air Date: 11/7/2015

I was pretty rusty at guitar when I came up with the intro to this episode, and was never great to begin with, so the little bit of the theme song that I play in the intro took a few weeks to learn. Yeah, that’s how bad I am, it took 3 weeks just to learn that little bit. But it ended up being a pretty good intro, I think. When you see me playing Evil Steve in the intro that’s also real raw meat that I’m chewing on, by the way. Yum. The ending bit was a lot of fun to shoot, and it encouraged a decent amount of creativity on my part, as there were a lot of elements that  I had to work around to get the segment to come out decently.


Episode 51: Human Centipede 3

Original Air Date: 11/26/2015


Episode 52: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Original Air Date: 12/24/2015

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