La Cinema De Pretentiou

The idea for this series that spoofs pretentious short art films came from a time that I was looking at movies on IMDB, and there was a link to a short film that someone had made called “The People Outside”. If you search for it on Vimeo you can still find it. But all it was, was a guy in a stupid mask standing around at random places in the dark for 6 minutes, with other occasional stupid things happening here and there. I thought it was…hilarious. So I had the idea for making a parody of it for some time, which would finally become “Ble”, the first episode in the series.


Episode 1: Ble’

This one was a lot of fun to make. I think there were  a few vague notes I wrote out for the episode, but the majority of it was completely improvised. I bought two creepy-ass baby masks from the Halloween store and met up with my friend Sarah one night, who had her friends Angie and Chelsea with her. They came along with us to different locations where we would take turns wearing the masks and filming. By the way, this was also Angie and Chelsea’s first time ever meeting me.


Episode 2: U’

Original Air Date: 4/1/2013


Episode 3: The Wine

This is my favorite of the episodes that I’ve done so far. This is also the first episode to feature actual dialogue and follow an actual script. The first two episodes were mainly improvised. The idea for this one came from my friend Mairead (who stars in the episode alongside me as Sherry) telling me about a wine tasting that her brother had gone to. Everyone there was just kind of there to enjoy drinking free wine, and had never really done something of the sort before. But there was one woman who was the embodiment of the wine snob, who was giving elaborate descriptions of what she thought each wine tasted like, all with the voice that Mairead hilariously recreates for her character. Some lines in the short that were based on things the woman actually said were “Oh, this tastes like…the earth, nature, and fresh soil!” and of course, “What was that wine?”

Original Air Date: 4/10/2013


Episode 4: Blind

The idea for this one came when I was texting my friend Gina, and for whatever reason I was texting responses like “Mhm”, “uh huh” and things of the like. At one point, in response to this, she said (jokingly) “You’d make a good guidance counselor talking like that”. Almost immediately I came up with an idea for an episode where the film features a guidance counselor responds to all of his patient’s confessions with simple inquisitive noises. I shared the idea with her and she loved it, though my friend who actually appears in the episode is Serena, who you may recognize from the ending of “Ble”, and from the video that I stuck in my Nekromantik 2 review where she and I beat the shit out of each other in our underwear. But I built the idea from there, and came up with what is my second favorite La Cinema episode so far. I can never hear the words “I’m sorry” the same way again. 

Original Air Date: 11/18/2013

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